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About Us

About NextGen Male Medical Clinic

The founders of NextGen Male Medical Clinic in Omaha understand firsthand how devastating low testosterone can be. Founded by men afflicted with hypogonadism (commonly known as low testosterone, andropause or low T), the clinic has developed a thorough testosterone replacement therapy program for fast and effective relief. The founders established the nextgen male medical clinic with four objectives in mind:

  • Spread the word about hypogonadism (low T)
  • Offer testosterone replacement therapy (trt) to men suffering from low T
  • Offer other services and treatments for men that improve the aging process
  • Provide a male-focused health clinic dedicated to providing men the best treatment with convenience

NextGen Male Medical Clinic founders understand the debilitating effects low T can have on everyday life. These men went untreated or were misdiagnosed and treated for symptoms instead of the underlying cause. They tried several different treatments and doctors but each of them found best results with Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The outcomes for these men have been nothing short of phenomenal. All have seen increase in physical drive, better moods, increased libido, decrease of body fat and confidence. NextGen Male Medical Clinic a mission to improve all aspects of men’s health today and for the future.

They offer a multitude of treatments and services that are tailored to suit the patient. Treatments include testosterone injection therapy, hormone therapy (semorelin peptides), PRP (plasma replacement therapy management), P-shot + Evive Pulse Wave Therapy for male sexual performance (Erectile disfunction), vitamin injections that supply body with necessary nutrients and other products and services that serves men’s needs in a specialized and professional environment.