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Think you have Low T? Struggling to find hormone therapy near you and live in Nebraska or Iowa? We have a new convenient and effective solution for you!

Nextgen Male Medical Clinic is one of the only TRT clinics in the area that offers at-home, self-administered Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This option is perfect for a patient with a busy schedule or who resides outside the Omaha area and it’s too difficult to come to the clinic every week for an injection.

TRT is covered by your insurance and if you don’t have insurance, we have affordable self-pay options! Starting at $50 a week

What are the next steps to NextGen At-Home Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

  1. Health Assessment
    Just like our in-office therapy our provider will conduct a comprehensive health assessment that includes a full panel blood test. This typically would be the only necessary in-person office visit. *Some insurance plans require 2 blood tests to cover your therapy.
  2. Second Appointment (as soon as the next day)
    After we get your test results an appointment will be scheduled to review your labs. If you have low testosterone our medical provider will discuss the customized therapy that is recommended to give you the best and safest results. This appointment could be in the clinic or over the phone from the comfort of your home. Our medical staff will teach you how to administer your injections and your medication will be delivered discreetly and conveniently to your home or office.
  3. Optimization and Prevention
    During your self-administered therapy you will be monitored by our provider and have routine scheduled blood tests in our office or an approved lab near you optimize your hormone levels and adjust accordingly when necessary to prevent side-effects.