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Choose NextGen Male Medical Clinic for Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment

NextGen Male Medical Clinic founders understand the debilitating effects low T can have on everyday life. For years, these men went untreated or were misdiagnosed and treated for symptoms instead of the underlying cause. After trying several different treatments and doctors, each found best results with regular therapy.

The outcomes for these men have been nothing short of phenomenal. All have seen increase in physical and mental drive, better moods, increased libido, decrease of body fat and confidence. NextGen Male Medical Clinic is setting out on a mission to improve all aspects of men’s health today and for the future.

Feel Like Yourself Again.
Look Better. Be Healthier.

Visits as short as 5 minutes (unless you want to hang out).

Personalized, unique care from professionals that know your name, your goals and the appropriate solution to reach those goals.

No lines.  No waiting.

Fast Diagnosis. Quick  Care.
Sustainable Results You Can Depend On.

Our process is quick and is typically covered by insurance. To expodite the process, we’ll have you fill out our forms prior to your visit.

What happens on your first visit?
A blood test to determine testosterone levels and we answer any and all of your questions and concerns.

We receive the results within 48 hours and can begin treatment that day.

Our Staff Knows Your Name
Not Just a Client. You’re a Friend.

Our people care and everyone on staff will know you by name.  Arrive early and we’ll have a game on.  Stay later, we’re happy that you do. You’re a friend and we’ll treat you and your health as such.

  • Professional and Personalized Health Care Routines
  • Our Staff are Both Professional, Knowledgeable and Licenced
  • We Understand Where You are Coming from
  • NextGen Male Medical Clinic has an open environment where you can ask questions, review solutions and learn about your health

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