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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

TRT at NextGen Male Medical is the process of using testosterone injections to restore your testosterone levels to the normal range from having the medical condition Male Hypogonadism. We use the best available testosterone on the market in our clinic to help you “turn back the clock” and feel youthful again.

What are common symptoms of low testosterone?

Common symptoms are lack of energy, low libido, poor sleep, depression, decreased strength and muscle mass, difficult concentrating (brain fog), and erectile dysfunction (click here to go to symptoms page)

What benefits can I get from Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Some of the benefits can be improved muscle mass, improved sexual desire, increased energy, better sleep, improved cognitive function, and decrease in irritability and depression read more

How do I find out if I have low testosterone?

Schedule an appointment by contacting us for an initial medical evaluation and blood draw.

How long will my first visit take?

After you fill out our forms (or bring in the downloadable forms click here) the initial consultation usually takes half hour. Follow-up visits for your injections can be as quick as 10 minutes. We have a flexible schedule and walk-ins are welcome.

How long does it take to get my lab results?

Usually 24-48 hours we will have your blood test back to review with you.

What hours are you open?

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

How often will I need injections?

Approximately every 7 days to maintain your optimal levels. Follow-up visits can be as quick as 10 minutes for your convenience or if you live outside the Omaha area we can ship the medication to you.

Where do the injections go and are they painful?

Usually the injection is administered in the glute area intramuscularly where your body will absorb the testosterone the best. The shoulder or thigh are another option. Most patients don’t find the injections painful.

Will TRT make my testicles shrink?

No. HCG will prevent testicular shrinkage while on TRT. We wouldn’t be on TRT too if that was the case. HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) keeps your body producing its natural testosterone so when you are on therapy this will increase your total testosterone level. Some clinics don’t provide HCG with their therapy or they make you pay for it separately because it is expensive.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no definite answer. Typically, in the first month of therapy our patients start to notice a difference. Examples would be weight loss, better sleep, increased muscle definition, sharper concentration, increased libido, etc.

Do you take insurance?

We are in network with most insurance companies. Testosterone replacement therapy is covered by most insurance. We will confirm your coverage before therapy is started.

How much will TRT cost if I have insurance?

The cost depends on your insurance plan. Before you start your therapy, we will review the cost.

What if I don’t have insurance or my insurance company won’t cover TRT?

We do offer affordable self-pay options. If you have the symptoms of Low T, we will work with you on setting up a payment plan.

What if I live outside the Omaha area or I am too busy to visit the clinic every week for an injection?

We can have the medication shipped to your home for your convenience. We are one of the only clinics in the area that offers at-home therapy. This option can be discussed on your initial visit. (click here for more info)

What if I am on Testosterone Replacement Therapy already? Can I switch to your clinic if I am unhappy with the results I am getting?

Yes. We have numerous patients that have switched from other clinics and seen improved results or our location is more convenient for them.

Will you treat my wife?

Yes. Just because we have “male” in our name doesn’t mean we can’t help women. We have many female patients. Our medical staff specializes in both male and female hormone therapy. We have a separate protocol for women that has provided excellent results. For more info contact our office.

What are symptoms of low testosterone in women?

The symptoms are very similar to what men experience. Some examples are fatigue, weight gain, difficultly losing weight, lack of interest in sex, mood swings, depression and trouble concentrating.

What benefits do women get from testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy for women can increase energy, better sleep, sexual desire, and improved mood and well-being.